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Hayfield Angling Club was formed in 1962 and has waters in the High Peak Derbyshire and Cheshire. The club owns three stillwaters rents three others and has exclusive rights to two stretches of river and offers something for the coarse angler, fly-fisherman and the matchman. The club exists to provide angling for its members to foster an understanding of wildlife and the environment and promote conservation.

Anglers are natural conservationists. Time spent at the waterside instils appreciation and understanding of the natural environment. The clubs development and management of its waters contributes to the wildlife value of its ponds and rivers.

Angling is a wonderful form of recreation, taking you away from day-to-day problems, be they at work, home or school, providing tranquillity and an appreciation of nature. Anglers, more than most, are aware of the quality of the freshwater environment. If there’s a problem, it is often the angler who notices it first.

After consultation with the Peak Park rangers the club removed the old hawthorn in order to preserve the dry stonewall, the brush being left to provide nest sites for birds on the advice of the R.S.P.B. and cover for small mammals. Kinder is one of the main breeding pools for toads and members are encouraged to move toads from the road into the safety of the grounds. The club has removed trees and replaced them with over 100 saplings including oak and birch after discussions with the forestry commission. In the past the club worked with the local scouts and cubs to remove rubbish from the River Sett and are currently working with the E.A. to improve the watercourse.

The clubs waters are used for breeding by moorhens, mallards, Canada geese and other waterfowl and numerous mammals.

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