Village Centre Restoration

Plans are well advanced, the first stage of the Hayfield Village Centre improvement scheme has been completed

The Memorial Square Hayfield in 1926

Cenotaph Hayfield

Cenotaph Dedication Ceremony.

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First stage of Village Centre Restoration - the Memorial Square 2009

Memorial Square

Artwork By John McCall

It started with the resurfacing of the area in front of the War Memorial which is used for many Village Events as well as being the centerpiece of the Village.
Hayfield Development Trust working with the Parish Council obtained the funding from Groundwork Community Spaces which is funded by the National Lottery, The Trust also made donations to repair and paint the Railings

When the potholed surface was lifted the original Victorian setts were found underneath, so the plan was slightly modified to retain these setts and instead put the flagstones as footways with level areas at each end to further improve pedestrian, disabled and pushchair access.

The morning sun on Memorial Square and the Cenotaph

You can see how the natural materials used enhance this conservation area.

Hayfield Cenotaph.© Phil Gee

The surface immediately around the Cenotaph has been raised level with the pavement to remove trip hazards and improve wheelchair access.

Hayfield Cenotaph.© Phil Gee

The original illumination was by gas lamps supplied by the Hayfield Gas Co state of the art for 1855, fortunately In these environmentally conscious times it was again possible to install state of the art illumination by using the latest low energy LED Street Lamps. These lamps do not emit the strong Orange glare of the 1960's Motorway lights they replace, they still give off the same degree of illumination but rather with a bright moon light feel and direct it all down eliminating light pollution.
Hayfield is the first Village in Derbyshire to use this form of Street Lighting.

Benches and flower containers have been installed outside the Surgery facing the Cenotaph.

Below is a video shot and produced by Neil Wieteska of the 2009 remembrance ceremony.


Hayfield Remembrance 2009 from Stalwart Films on Vimeo.


Phase 2 of the Hayfield Village Centre improvement scheme.

The Dungeon Brow area

Grants have been received and approval given, work will start as soon as possible in 2011

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Village Centre

Artwork By John McCall

Many thanks for producing and allowing us to use their work free of charge go to: John McCall for the art work, Neil Wieteska the video and Philip Gee the photographs.


Latest News June 2011

The New Parish Council have decided not to continue with this improvement project and have returned the grants awarded




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