Village Centre Restoration

Plans are well advanced, the first stage of the Hayfield Village Centre improvement scheme has been completed

Phase 2 of the Hayfield Village Centre improvement scheme.

The Dungeon Brow area

The centre of Hayfield Village is a Conservation Area. A Tourist Attraction.

A Local resource and a Collection of Eyesores

As a Community we should be very concerned about our Beautiful Village, on lots of levels from Safety for Pedestrians of all ages to the loss of our Architectural heritage.

We have this opportunity to take action now to reverse the slide into scruffy mediocrity and make our environment something of which we can be proud

A substantial grant to rectify these problems has been secured to bring the area up to a standard expected of a Conservation area and make provision for parking of electric scooters for people using the adjacent Village Pharmacy

However some people are campaigning against this and want to save

Sharp Edges , Concrete Capping, Multiple levels creating Trip and fall Hazards.

No Safety Railings. Dead diseased Tree, Narrow Footpath no provision for Disability scooters

Cracked Walls

Cracked surfaces, Inappropriate materials for a Conservation Area

Unsightly Bin Storage

Telephone Box in need of Repair

Cheap Cement Roofing tiles not matching surrounding buildings or Conservation standards

Access for electric scooters Buggies etc made difficult by poorly positioned sharp cornered cement topped planter


Lack of basic Hygiene facilities for council Staff No Toilet or Washing provision

If we do not use the grant then the Parish Council will have to find all the money from the rates to carry out this work.

Village Centre

Latest News June 2011

Hayfield Parish Council have decided not to continue with this improvement project

and are either returning or not taking up the grants awarded for the work.



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