Kinder Valley

Kinder Lowe  Phil Gee 

Kinder Low

This view up the Kinder Valley shows the wooded slopes of Kinder Bank on the left and Elle Bank on the right the track up and over Kinder Low can be seen passing through Tunsted Farm.
The valley forks at this point, the river Sett continues up the Edale valley to the right towards Mt Famine and the river Kinder to the left flowing under the 'Roman Bridge' on its journey from the Downfall on the Kinder massif via the Reservoir
(completed in 1911)


Pack Horse Bridge (c) Phil Gee


The Pack Horse Bridge

Known locally as the 'Roman Bridge' it spans the Kinder river at a point just before it joins the river Sett

This is the site of the first recorded 'Church' in the parish, predating the 1386 Church down in Hayfield Village. The area was known as Kirksteads, now it is known generally as Bowden Bridge, a more substantial road bridge was built crossing the Sett to give vehicular access to the long gone Kinder Print works (now the Puddle fields) some 50 yd's down stream


Mt Famine (c) Phil Gee
Morning Frost on Mt Famine

The Ashes Farm is on the left and Gees Bank to the right

The Ashes farm was so called due to amounts of ash, charcoal and slag found in the fields where Iron smelting took place before the vast forest which covered this area was consumed as fuel in the middle ages.
Gees Bank or Bongs or Gees Bones was so named due to the practice of generations of the Gee family having their ashes scattered here overlooking their beloved Farm


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