Mountain Biking in the Parish of Hayfield

A leaflet has been produced by the 'Hayfield Mountain Bike Group' comprising representatives from the Mountain Bike Users, Hayfield Parish Council, The National trust and the Peak District National Park Authority, to show you where you can legally cycle and to help you enjoy your visit.

Free copies are available at the Information centre Hayfield Station car park a copy of the following map is in the leaflet, use it to mark the routes on your copy of the OS map

You will need to carry an Ordnance Survey map with you, which identifies the status of the route. Both The Peak District Peak Leisure Series 1:25 000 as well as the 1:50 000. Landranger series No 110 cover this area.

Unfortunately some people find Mountain Bikers intimidating and treat us as though we are from planet extreme! Try to treat every contact with walkers and horse riders as a learning or rather teaching experience be courteous and considerate show them by example that we all have a right to enjoy the open country, in order to maintain the environment for our and others enjoyment remember the adage

'do not abuse and we can continue to use'

Do not forget to stop occasionally to take in the view and atmosphere that quiet stillness only broken by the call of the Curlew otherwise you might as well be riding in a stairwell.

please do not copy or print out this map use it to mark on your copy the routes


The Sett Valley Trail route into and out of the area is an ideal 'warm up warm down' section

Most Pubs in centre of village have off road parking and video surveillance, there is out door seating if you are wet, bar food and vast range of drinks, most are quite happy to fill your water pouch if you make a purchase.

Click on the Hayfield Cycling Hub below to get in touch with serious riders in the area

Hayfield Cycling Hub
Promoting Cycling in the High Peak


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