Paper Making


Paper Making was carried out at the Swallowhouse Mill and at the Bankvale Mill ( now Slacks Paper Mill)

The Swallowhouse Mill was located just south of the New Primary school at the end of Swallowhouse Lane, only the Mill Pond remains and the outline of the Filter beds can be seen between the lane and river.

Slacks Paper Mill - John Slack Limited, was established in 1746 as a paper mill. The company was incorporated in 1910 and changed ownership to the Isherwood family in 1927. Still owned and managed by the Isherwood family, John Slack Limited has stopped making paper and now concentrates on providing a complete converting and packing service combining the traditional skills, which have remained with the company for over 250 years, with modern technology

Unfortunately John Slack Ltd has ceased trading 2009 bringing to an end 263 years of paper making on this site.

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