Ridge Rambles

 Lantern Pike

Take the same route as the valley walk from the centre of the village to Little Hayfield. When you reach the top of the Giggle Gaggle carry straight on through the gate onto a farm track, take a left up the track which takes you on past Cliffbank Farm and on to Hey Wood

The Path skirts the top of Hey Wood heading in the direction of Bullshaw Farm to a point where six paths intersect

As you come up the rise the path follows the wall and is rather boggy, take the alternate path continuing up the bank, when on the ridge you cross a track which leads to a field gate on your left, this is just a farm track, horse riders often use it use it for a canter, if you face the Pike and you should see a gate in front of you this is your route.

When through the gate you can either go up on to the pike or follow the Bridelway around, At the top of the Pike there is no Lantern but a memorial in the form of a engraved skyline naming the hills that can be seen from this vantage point.

You will see Upper Cliffe Farm and in the valley the Village of Hayfield

On descending fro the Pike you have the choice of going back down into Hayfield by way of Cliffe Farm and the Giggle Gaggle or road

Or continuing to Birch Vale and back to the village down the Sett valley trail

If you have the time then you can continue the Ridge walk up Phoside






View from the Pike showing Upper Cliffe farm, Hayfield village and in the distance Mt Famine on the right and Kinder Low to the left


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