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Sett Valley Creative Arts is a community not for profit project
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Hayfield, is not just the birth place of Arthur Lowe, or where Tony Warren wrote Coronation St.
Rather Hayfield is a dynamic creative community where the arts are part of every day life
where people are involved in: creative writing, web site development, film, video
digital media development, two and three dimensional design and realisation
photography, painting, poetry, music, performance, computer aided design
animation, architecture, interior design, fashion, journalism, graphic arts
graphics, textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery metalwork, fine art
cultural studies, environmental mapping and conservation
crafts, contemporary, cutting-edge, video production
product development and project management
sculpture, printing, galleries, exhibitions
historical, archiving and conservation
sfx, analogue and digital imaging
digital tv, podcasting, games
etc ... with the goal of:
improving the
Quality of
Life for