Well Dressing Week

Takes place in early July

Running from Saturday over 9 days untill the following Sunday

Wells are in the making at various venues across the Village the previous week

A different Theme is selected each year

Blessing takes place on the first Sunday at 2pm commencing at Bank Street, then to Watery Hey, Cenotaph, Swallow House Lane and St. John's.
Little Hayfield Well will be blessed at 5pm on Sunday and Hill House Well at 6.30pm on Monday .


We are awaiting a new map this is last years but should help you locate Wells


Well Map


A Brief History Of Wells and The Art of Well Dressing

The blessing of the water supply, in the form of a well is an ancient ceremony dating back to the Celts or even earlier. It is only found in or near Derbyshire. Well Dressing is the art of decorating springs or wells with pictures made of natural products. Clay is pressed into boards, then the picture is traced onto the clay using a pointer. Then comes the delicate task of infilling with flower petals and other natural materials. Each petal has to be put in separately and they overlap like tiles on a roof so that rain will flow off the picture. This process takes many hours and usually occupies most of the week prior to the well being dressed.

For any further information contact:

John Pope on 01663 742849 or Lynne Bagshaw on 01663 742112
Please look out for posters around the village for further information.



or Email:   Wells 

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