2005 Wells

 Bank St Well

The theme this year is
Hans Christian Andersons famous tale of the Little Mermaid

This well is a trough type built into the retaining wall for High St and in 2004 it was the first well in Hayfield to be dressed.
 Bank St Well 2005.  Photo Copyright (c) Phil Gee

 St Johns Well 2005.- Photo (c) Phil Gee

St John's Well

The theme is the story of the Snow Queen

The Gospel Well off Ridge Top Lane is within a circular wall in a field on the left and cannot be seen. Tradition has it that the early Methodists in the 1770's preached in the open air near this well. Until the 1930's water form the Gospel Well was laid on to the Chapel and was found very useful, unfortunately it had to be disconnected as it was causing corrosion of the pipes.

As the Gospel well site is not accessible the dressing is placed outside
St John's Church in the car park

Watery Hey Well

The theme is Thumbelina 

Watery Hey well is just off Valley Rd to the right off the path connecting to Kinder Rd known to locals as Watery Hey

It used to provide water for the adjacent rows of terrace houses

 Watery Hey Well 2005. - Photo (c) Phil Gee

 Children's Well 2005 - Photo (c) Phil Gee

The Children's Well

This is the first time children of Hayfield School art group have dressed a well .
The theme for their well is
'The Good Shepherd'

The final design was chosen out of eight designs by the art group, children are 8-10 year olds. The board is displayed at the Cenotaph in the centre of the village


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