Well Dressings

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Bank St Well


Bank St Well  © Phil Geeee


Bank street well detail © Phil Gee


Bank Street Well © Phil Gee



Well off Swallow House Lane


Swallow House Lane Well © Phil Gee


SHL well detail © Phil Gee


SHLwell detail © Phil Gee

St John's Well

St Hohn's Well © Phil Gee

St Johns well detail © Phil Gee

St John's  well detail © Phil Gee





Valley Rd Well


Valley Rd well_PhilGee



VR well © Phil Gee


Hill House Well

Hill House Well © Phil Gee


Detail HH Well © Phil Gee



The Well in Little Hayfield


Little Hayfield well © Phil Gee


Little Hayfield detail © Phil Gee



Children's Well Dressings




Hayfield School


Childrens well




Childrens well




Childrens well


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