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The Parish of Hayfield consists of the Hamlets of Birch Vale, Little Hayfield, Rowarth and Hayfield Village

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The Parish
of Hayfield


Main Events


Parish Pump

Public Transport Genealogical
Medical Services History File

Myth & Legends


BBC - The Village


Hayfield Heritage Project

The Kinder Train crossing Church St

Historical and Environmental Archive

Arts Project

Under-Bridge Mural


Village Centre Restoration

Project 2010 - 2011


Power Failure

Due to the increasing number of power failures recently first check that it is not just your premises

Then ring 0800 195 4141 and select option 1 Emergencies and power Failures
when you have spoken to the operator ask for an incident ref' No which ensures they log the call
Ringing helps the engineers locate the probable cause and speed up the repair.


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